Ricoh Innovations Debuts Keenai Photo Management

////Ricoh Innovations Debuts Keenai Photo Management

Ricoh Innovations Corp. (RIC), a subsidiary of Ricoh Company, Ltd., has launched Keenai, a smart photo-management service that keeps digital memories safe and organized. Available on all popular platforms, Keenai is the only photo service that connects all your devices and cameras, unifying your photos and videos for viewing and sharing on any device. Perfect for people with lots of photos (often on different devices) who prefer to not be locked into any one vendor’s cloud services, Keenai delivers a unified, cable-free photo sharing experience on every device.

Features include automatic cloud backup and storage of original-resolution photos (including RAW) and up to 300 15-minute videos per month. Keenai syncs collections of photos and videos so they can be enjoyed on all your devices. You can bring your entire photo collection with you, wherever you go — online or offline. The originals stay safe in the cloud, only device-friendly resolutions are stored on your local device. Albums combine photos, videos and even 360° images into stories that can be privately shared with friends and family via email or shared links, and accessed via any web browser. There are three easy on-ramps to Keenai: web, mobile app or desktop. Further details can be found at

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