SIGMA Announces New Cine LensesThe SIGMA CORPORATION enters into the cinema lens market in the end of 2016 with the release of its SIGMA CINE lenses, designed specifically for cinematography. High-Speed Zoom Line offers the constant aperture of T2 throughout the zoom range, and the optical performance is ready for high resolution shooting such as 6K – 8K. This line offers the highest image quality in its class and sports a compact construction. FF Zoom Line is compatible with a full-frame image circle, and the optical performance is ready for high-resolution shooting such as 6K – 8K. FF High-Speed Prime Line ranges from 20mm to 85mm, and all five lenses are T1.5. They are compatible with full-frame sensors. With the five prime lenses from FF High-Speed Prime Line, there is no need to change the lighting to shoot a variety of cuts. Each CINE lens model is weatherproof and has luminous paint markings to aid in changing and operating the lens in the dark, touts a long focus rotation of 180 degrees and is guided by cams for smooth operation and accuracy. For information, please visit