Manfrotto Launches New Tripod Bags

////Manfrotto Launches New Tripod Bags

Manfrotto Launches New Tripod BagsManfrotto has launched three new tripod bags: two 75cm-long versions, padded and unpadded, and a smaller unpadded version that is 60cm long. With the addition of these three latest models, the tripod bags range perfectly matches several Manfrotto photo tripods, including the latest 190Go! and 290 collections. The asymmetric tapered shape allows photographers to store a tripod with the head attached. Tripod legs fit comfortably in the narrower end and extra space is allowed for the larger volume of the head at the wider end. Getting a tripod in and out of these bags is easy and quick due to the zipper which extends down to the full length of the bag, even where the head is stored. Each version features a strap for comfortable carrying on a shoulder. The 75cm version is also available in the full-padded option. Maximum protection of the tripod is guaranteed, with padding on the entire length of the bag. The thermoform padding on the top also protects the tripod with head mounted. Each bag is made with the highest quality materials: ballistic nylon that prevents the bag from tearing and abrasion, and an external coating that makes it protective and waterrepellent. Visit for more information.

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