FUJIFILM’S X-Series Mirrorless Cameras

////FUJIFILM’S X-Series Mirrorless Cameras

FUJIFILM’S X-Series Mirrorless Cameras

FUJIFILM products enjoy an 80-year legacy, including its revolutionary Provia and Velvia transparency films. Five years ago, FUJIFILM introduced its popular line of X-series digital cameras, which incorporate innovative technology to recreate film simulation, improved lens technology and a unique sensor design, according to Yuji Igarashi, Director of Business and Product Development, Electronic Imaging Products.

The company has just announced a new flagship mirrorless camera, the XPro2, and here Igarashi discusses its features, along with those of other current FUJIFILM X-series cameras ”” the X-T1, X100T and X70.




This professional camera is FUJIFILM’S long-awaited second-generation flagship model. “Its predecessor, the X-Pro1, was our first interchangeable lens camera in the X-series,” says Igarashi. The FUJIFILM X-Pro2 boasts an all-new APS-C sized XTrans CMOS III sensor and imaging processor X Processor Pro, as well as 24 megapixels. The X-Pro2 also offers an Advanced Hybrid Multi Viewfinder, which enables quick switching between optical and electronic finders.

The Electronic Range Finder incorporated into FUJIFILM’S X100T has been enhanced in the X-Pro2, and users can now see the Electronic projection with 100% finder coverage displayed on the small viewfinder tab at the bottom right corner of the Optical Viewfinder. “This means that you can check framing, focus, exposure, white balance and more while looking at the Optical Viewfinder, so you get the best of both worlds,” Igarashi explains. The phase detection area is enlarged with 273 AF points, which cover approximately 40% of the sensor area. The camera body is weather-resistant to meet the needs of professional photographers in tough shooting environments. It also offers a dual-card slot for greater versatility in image capture. A new Grain Effect mode produces images reminiscent of old film photos.

A free Camera Remote application and Wire Communication allows users to remotely shoot images from smart phones and tablets via WiFi. The X-Pro2 camera body is available at $1,699.95.




Designed for the professional and enthusiast market, the FUJIFILM X-T1 is a pentaprism-style, mirrorless camera with a durable aluminum body that is water, dust and temperature-resistant for rugged outdoor use. “It offers 16.3 megapixels and a wide-angle OLED electronic viewfinder with the world’s largest magnification,” says Igarashi. Electronic viewfinders are sometimes criticized for unreal-looking viewing screens, he says, “but photographers are pleasantly surprised that scenes appear so natural through the viewfinder of the X-T1.” This viewfinder offers four display modes: “Full” mode, which utilizes the viewfinder’s high magnification ratio; “Normal” mode, which offers an optimum view with shooting settings; “Dual” mode, which is designed for manual focusing with a split view; and “Portrait” mode, which automatically rotates the displayed information when the camera is held vertically. The X-T1 utilizes the EXR Processor II and X-Trans CMOS II sensor to deliver a fast response time of just .08 second, along with a quick .5 second shooting interval time.

This camera has five dials on top, which include controls for shutter speed, metering, ISO, drive and exposure compensation, plus two command dials ”” one on the front and one on the rear of the camera ”” and six customizable function buttons. This way, you can check camera settings at a glance without having to go into menus on the LCD screen. In fact, these dials can be adjusted when the camera is turned off, making it easy to pre-set your camera before shooting.

The X-T1 offers one-touch WiFi connectivity that allows you to share highquality images to a smart phone or tablet. You can shoot remotely via a smart phone or tablet using the Fujifilm Camera Remote app. Other advanced features include an in-camera RAW converter and a redesigned circuit board that increases the ISO setting up to 51,200. The FUJIFILM X-T1 camera body is available at $1,299.95.




“The FUJIFILM X100 was our first generation X-series camera, introduced five years ago,” says Igarashi. This latest version, the X100T, features a 16.3-megapixel APS-C sized X-Trans CMOS II sensor and a 1.04M-dot 3-inch LCD screen ”” as well as a Hybrid Viewfinder with an Electronic Rangefinder that offers short display lag times, automatic brightness controls and a natural-looking Live View shooting display. Compared to its immediate predecessor, the X100S, the frame coverage in the X100T has been increased from 90% to 92%.

The compact X100T is ideal for street photography, according to Igarashi, with a bright FUJINON 23mm fixed-focal f/2mm lens. “It has a very quiet leaf shutter,” he adds, “along with an electronic shutter that’s completely silent.” You can utilize Fuji’s ”˜Classic Chrome’ and other film simulation modes for muted tones and realistic color reproduction. The macro mode focuses as close as 3.9 inches.

The X100T allows you to set the aperture in one-third stop increments, while its exposure compensation capability is extended to +3 stops. The X100T is equipped with seven customizable function buttons to help you create your own personal photographic expression. It’s constructed in die-cast magnesium on the top and bottom surfaces for greater durability; and the aperture ring, shutter speed dial and exposure compensation dial have a new groove-shaped pattern for improved feel and grip. You can utilize the free Fujifilm Camera Remote application and Wireless Communication function to shoot images remotely from smart phones and tablets via WiFi. The FUJIFILM X100T is available at $1,299.95.

X70 Also new is the FUJIFILM X70, which Igarashi describes as the X100T’s “smaller brother.” It has a wider fixed-focal lens (18.5mm=28mm in 35mm equivalent) for street photography and is more compact than the X100T ”” perfect for the enthusiast or the professional who wants a backup camera. The X70 has an LCD touch screen for Live View shooting with no viewfinder. This screen has tilting capabilities for shooting from extreme angles. “You can capture better-quality selfies with this camera,” Igarashi points out. The FUJIFILM X70 is a very affordable $799.95.

Matthew Schmidt, Senior Manager of Corporate Communications for FUJIFILM, says that the X-series cameras have rekindled many photographers’ passion for taking pictures.

For more information on FUJIFILM products, visit www.fujifilm.com.

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