Introducing Chimera NF 1X1 & 1X2S

////Introducing Chimera NF 1X1 & 1X2S

Introducing Chimera NF 1X1 & 1X2S



Chimera is expanding the No Frame (NF) TECH LED Lightbank series to work with the ever growing number of instruments available. These Lightbanks are designed to be quick and easy while giving you expanded control of your lighting tool of choice. Chimera now has two 1x1s and two 1x2s, which attach to your lights using unique elastic straps that wrap around the back corners of your light fixture. Looped straps further hold the unit by wrapping around the yoke tension knobs. The 30 degree front Lens Screen focuses the LEDs into one light source to eliminate multiple shadows. Chimera’s new NF models will fit a wide variety of popular 1×1 and 1×2 LED Lights. A popular accessory for more control of your light is the new Lighttools® ez

[POP]™ Soft Egg Crate® grids. For additional information on CHIMERA’s Lighting Products and your nearest dealer, visit www.chimeralighting. com.
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