Winners List :: 33rd Annual Spring Photography Contest

////Winners List :: 33rd Annual Spring Photography Contest

Winners List :: 33rd Annual Spring Photography Contest

Below are the results of the 32nd Annual Spring Photography Contest, sponsored by Photographer’s Forum magazine and Nikon. Finalists were notified in July. The Winners and Honorable Mentions listed here were chosen from the Finalist group by our judges.

*** Finalists, please see the NOTE at the bottom of this page.***

First Place $2,000 :: Leow Ek Teck

Second Place $1,000 :: Patty Maher

Third Place $500 :: Francisco Arcenillas

Fourth Place $100 :: Nick Ng Yeow Kee
:: Bill Klipp
:: Addie Mannan
:: Laurie B. McCormick
:: Camil M. Seisanu


Madeline R. Adams
Yvonne Albinowski
Richard A. Arthur
Merrie Asimow
Mike Barbee
Robert Barberio
Eric Barron
Morgan B. Beaty
Tony A. Beck
Mahfuzul Hasan Bhuiyan
Jackie M. Blakeney
Emma L. Blinken
Igor Borisek
Martina Brandstetter
Caroline V. Burt
Lori Burton
Kurt Cabero
Miguel A. Cantu
Juliette H. Charvet
Sarah Jing Choo
HuiChen Chuang
Lorraine Ciccotto
Filipe A. Costa
Adrian R. Davis
Lynda Dawson
Renato F. De Araàºjo
Nikolas A. Despiniadis
Ankita Dhussa
Gregorio J.M. Di Natale
Harjono Djoyobisono
Kendra Dos Remedios
Nancy A. Dowling
Sherry Dunnigan
Burcin Ikiz Ekanadham
Scott Erickson
Ximena Etchart
Marietta Ewing
Mike A. Fairfield
Shawn W. Fleming
Jennifer A. Fox
Giuseppe Francavilla
Brooke A. Frederick
Robert Gaines
Andrea Gamba
Alberto Cob Garcia
Charles T. Golonkiewicz
Chuck Graham
Donald J. Gray
James R. Hansen
Michel Hersen
Nikolai Kolya Hicker
David Hillendahl
Emma L. Hughes
Timothy S. Huyck
Ihsan Ilze
Seiji Iwaihara
Russell B. James
Goran Jovic
Shoayb Hesham Khattab
Natalia Korovnikova
Andrew J. Krech
Alain R. Labbe
Dylan T. Lees
Valerie Leonard
Julie A. Lopez
Yvonne Lu
Amber L. Malquist
April M. McNett
Amiel Morris
Holly E. Neill
Sierra M. Palmer
Chris S. Perley
Emma C. Powell
Antonio Pulgarin
Rylie J. E. Rasler
Kenneth L. Renk
Lyndon Rich
Mohammed Rimon
Charmaine T. Samakande
David R. Sark
Yingting Shih
Yon S. Sim
Yew Kiat Soh
Robert J. Sova
Rosie Stafin-Lewis
Brittni Stasiuk
Addie I. Strozier
Khadijah C. Swann
Jose B. Titievsky
Anastasia Tompkins
Brian M. Trujillo
Jake F. Tull
Samuil Velichkov
Renata Vogl
Magda Wasiczek
Heinrich Wegmann
Glendon W. Wesley
Kaelin R. Wideman
Lance A. Williams
Lindsay L. Zubay

NOTE TO FINALISTS: All finalists were notified by mail in July. If you received a letter that said you had been selected as a finalist, your name and photograph will be published in the Annual. This is a list of Winners and Honorable Mentions only. Your name will not be on this list if you did not go on to become a Winner or Honorable Mention. All Winners, Honorable Mentions and Finalists will receive a gold-embossed certificate in November.


Dennis Darling is a professor in the School of Journalism at The University of Texas, where he has taught photography and design since 1981. Darling was awarded an MFA (1972) from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. His work has been published in more than 50 national and international publications and has been exhibited internationally in more than 150 group exhibitions and 30 one-man shows. He is the author of two books on photography, Desperate Pleasures and Chameleon With Camera. Darling’s current project is making portraits of Holocaust survivors from the Nazi concentration camp of Terezin.

Henry Horenstein has been a professional photographer, teacher, and author since the 1970s. He studied history at the University of Chicago before turning to photography, earning his BFA and MFA at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), while studying under legendary photographers Harry Callahan and Aaron Siskind. Henry’s work is collected and exhibited internationally, and he has published over 30 books, including Black & White Photography: A Basic Manual and Digital Photography: A Basic Manual, used by hundreds of thousands of college, university, high school and art school students as their introduction to photography. He has also published several monographs of his own work, including Show, Honky Tonk, Animalia, Humans, Racing Days, Close Relations, and others. Henry lives in Boston, and is professor of photography at RISD. His photographs can be seen at

Karen Sinsheimer is the Curator of Photography at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. In her 23-year tenure she has organized 16 traveling exhibitions, which appeared in both national and international venues, and each of which was accompanied by a major publication. She is presently organizing a mid-career survey of the work of John Divola in collaboration with the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the Pomona Art Museum, accompanied by a catalogue published by Prestel. She is a member of the Board of JGS, Inc., a non-profit organization that has funded more than 60 single-artist books of contemporary photography and which is now focused on photographic education.

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