PIXMA PRO-1 Professional Photo Inkjet Printer from Canon

///PIXMA PRO-1 Professional Photo Inkjet Printer from Canon

PIXMA PRO-1 Professional Photo Inkjet Printer from Canon

PIXMA PRO-1 Professional Photo Inkjet Printer from Canon

Canon’s PIXMA PRO-1 Professional Inkjet Printer features a 12-ink system and FINE Print Head. Professional photographers can be confident that the final output from this new printer will match the photographic vision captured from their camera.

To achieve gallery-quality results, this system features 12 inks (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Red, Photo Cyan, Photo Magenta, Photo Black, Matte Black, Gray, Dark Gray, Light Gray and Chroma Optimizer), which help to increase the color gamut in all directions when compared to other similar models currently in the market. Additionally, skin-tone reproduction has been improved to provide a more natural look, eliminating the magenta cast occasionally found when printing portraits.

PIXMA PRO-1 - Front View

Many professional photographers judge the overall effectiveness and ability of an inkjet printer based upon the output for a black-and-white image. To achieve the desired results for a deeper, richer, truer black creation, the engineers of the Canon PIXMA PRO-1 Professional Inkjet Printer have incorporated five monochrome inks into the ink system. Utilizing the Photo Black, Matte Black, Gray, Dark Gray and Light Gray inks, photographers will experience smooth gradations, suppressed graininess and a reduction in the bronzing and metamerism phenomenon which shows a metallic luster such as iridescence due to the colors in reflected light. The Light Gray ink is especially effective in helping to suppress the grain in highlights. The gray monochrome inks are useful in creating a neutral print, allowing for improved accuracy to the way the image was originally captured helping to reduce the need for extensive editing.

As part of the overall ink system, a Chroma Optimizer has been included to aid in the accuracy and quality of prints. In addition to increasing the color gamut, the Chroma Optimizer further increases the black density when printing on glossy media types for a deeper, darker black. After the ink is laid down on the media, the printer applies the Chroma Optimizer to help eliminate the bumps between droplets that at times can reflect light irregularly, resulting in a more uniform and aesthetically pleasing print.

For the first time in a Canon PIXMA Professional Printer, the PIXMA PRO-1 Photo Printer will feature a tubular ink delivery system, with the inks housed on the sides of the printer, helping to improve the print speed when compared to existing PIXMA Pro models. With this new system, the PIXMA PRO-1 Printer can produce a 13-inch x 19-inch sized print in just over four minutes on Canon Photo Paper Pro Platinum, helping to increase the productivity in any photography studio.

An intuitive paper feed has been included with a dual paper path on the top rear of the printer for semi-gloss and glossy media and a manual paper feed on the back for fine art media. This feeding system will help to ensure paper is initially fed correctly thus eliminating skewed prints which results in wasted ink, paper and more importantly time. The PIXMA PRO-1 Printer is also networkable via an Ethernet connection, allowing multiple users the ability to print to one machine. For educational institutions this feature is key; each student will be able to showcase their work in a high-quality fashion.

PIXMA PRO-1 - Front View OpenCanon has worked with the leading paper companies in the industry to create ICC Profiles designed to help users to get the best possible results from their prints. More than 163 ICC Profiles are available for users of Hahnemuhle, Ilford, Moab, Canson and several other paper manufactures. For more information on the exact paper names, please visit: www.usa.canon.com/pixmapro.

An added benefit to those who purchase the Canon PIXMA PRO-1 Professional Inkjet printer is that this product can be used to qualify toward a Canon Professional Services (CPS) membership. For individual full-time working imaging professionals who use Canon equipment, the CPS program offers a range of benefits. These benefits can include (depending on membership level) professional phone and e-mail support, expedited and discounted service and repairs, service loaners, onsite support at select events and shows, plus discounts on Canon Live Learning workshops and more. For more information on the program, including eligibility requirements and benefits, please visit www.usa.canon.com/cps.

The Canon PIXMA PRO-1 Professional Inkjet Printer has an estimated selling price of $999.99.


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