Canon U.S.A., Inc. has expanded its line of PIXMA PRO-series printers with the PIXMA PRO-10 and PIXMA PRO-100 Professional Inkjet Printers. These 13-inch inkjet printers represent the next generation of the PIXMA-PRO series, producing high-quality color and black-and-white images that accurately capture on paper what was envisioned through the camera lens. The PRO-10 and PRO-100 are built with the same quality of output and design as Canon’s flagship PIXMA PRO-1 Professional Inkjet Printer. Canon has improved the printing workflow with a new PRO Mode and Print Studio Pro plug-in software. In addition, both printers print faster than previous PIXMA PRO models thanks to optimized carriage speed, the presence of the three monochrome ink tanks and maximum nozzle counts. To enhance efficiency, Canon has introduced wireless connectivity — a first for the PIXMA PRO-series. Ethernet capabilities are also included, allowing multiple users to print high-quality images from one machine.


PRO Mode
The PRO-10 and PRO-100 each offer the new PRO Mode, which maps color gamut for optimum balance of brightness and saturation. Canon Product Planning Specialist James Booth explains, “This one-button solution helps adjust colors by taking into consideration the characteristics of human perception. It accurately reflects the color of your images by mapping the color gamut based on your monitor display.” This is a useful feature for aspiring photographers who seek optimum results without the need for a high-level understanding of color management. In 2013, PRO Mode is expected to be available as a firmware upgrade for the PIXMA PRO-1.

Print Studio Pro Plug-in
To deliver a streamlined print workflow, Canon has developed a Print Studio Pro plug-in specifically for the new PIXMA PRO-series printers. Canon interviewed a wide range of photographers during the software design process to create a plug-in with optimized features. Print Studio Pro provides a seamless photo printing solution from applications such as Canon Digital Photo Professional, Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Lightroom and Photoshop Elements. Booth says, “In addition to making the software more user-friendly than Easy Photo Print Pro, some of the new features of the Print Studio Pro plug-in include the ability to add text to your images, as well as advanced layout options to customize the number and size of prints on a page.” He continues, “To keep colors consistent between applications, Print Studio Pro now has the ability to match colors to OS CMM or Adobe CMM. The ability to adjust image size has also been improved over Easy Photo Print Pro.” Other options make it easier to accommodate individual user preferences and manage printer settings.

Canon PIXMA PRO 10

PRO-10 Specifications
The PIXMA PRO-10 employs a 10-ink tank system with LUCIA pigment-based inks, resulting in a wide color gamut and exceptional print longevity on fine art and glossy paper. Three monochrome inks, including Matte Black, generate deep, dark blacks when using fine art paper. An important enhancement to the PRO-10’s ink system is the Chroma Optimizer. Booth says, “Chroma Optimizer helps eliminate gloss differential by reducing the height difference between ink droplets. It coats the entire print after the color inks are fired to create an even surface and improve the quality of the print.” Along with increasing the color gamut, this feature maximizes black density when printing on glossy papers. (Chroma Optimizer is not used on matte papers.) The PRO-10 can print a bordered, color 13″ x 19″ image in about 5 minutes and 20 seconds — 1.5 times faster than the Canon Pro9500 MK II. The PRO-10’s dimensions are 27.2″ (W) x 15.2″ (D) x 8.5″ (H), and the weight is 43.9 lbs. Estimated selling price is $699.

Canon PIXMA PRO 100

PRO-100 Specifications
The eight-color PIXMA PRO-100 utilizes ChromaLife 100+ dye-based inks to produce vibrant colors on fine art and glossy papers. Three monochrome inks pump up black density, producing accurate prints with smooth tonal gradations. As with the PRO-10, the Optimum Image Generating System calculates the best results for each print mode and paper type. This system helps improve color reproduction, tonal gradations and black density while reducing graininess and metamerism. The PRO-100 can print a bordered, color 13″ x 19″ image in about 90 seconds, and a bordered, black-and-white image in just under three minutes — 2.3 times faster and 5.4 times faster than the Canon Pro9000 MK II, respectively. The dimensions of the PRO-100 are 27.2″ (W) x 15.2″ (D) x 8.5″ (H), and the weight is 43.2 lbs. Estimated selling price is $499.

ICC Profiles
Because of Canon’s partnerships with major paper manufacturers, a significant number of ICC profiles are expected to be available for these new printers. Earlier in 2012, Canon introduced Photo Paper Pro Luster to its media lineup for the PIXMA PRO-series — a paper which delivers vivid colors, sharp details and stunning black-andwhite output. This paper delivers a consistent look and color when viewed under various light sources, and it can increase productivity through fast drying times and easy handling.

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