Winners List :: 31st Annual College Photography Contest

////Winners List :: 31st Annual College Photography Contest

Winners List :: 31st Annual College Photography Contest

Below are the results of the 31st Annual College Photography Contest, sponsored by Photographer’s Forum magazine and Nikon. Finalists were notified in January. The Winners and Honorable Mentions listed here were chosen from the Finalist group by our judges. This year our judges were: Professor Andrew Davidhazy, School of Photo Arts and Sciences, Rochester Institute of Technology; Steve La Voie, Faculty, Art Center College of Design; and Marcia Rubenstein, Program Director for MFA Degree in Photography, Brooks Institute, Santa Barbara.

*** Finalists, please see the NOTE at the bottom of this page.***


First Place $2,000 :: Desiree M. Keelty

Second Place $1,000 :: Jacob W. Miller

Third Place $500 :: Kevin J. Cook

Fourth Place $100 :: Todd P. Burandt
:: Lucas M. Carter
:: Daniel E. Finley
:: Sarah-Marie E. Land
:: Olivia G. Strohm


Sandra Abel

Aaron A. Aday

Sadaf Agah

Clarissa B. Amaral

Gabriela L. Baginski

Carolyn E. Belknap

Amber M. Bender

Josie L. Bennett

Thomas J. Bentivegna

Hector Campos

Nicole M. Carriere

Van T. Chu

Marvin Chung

Kwan Fan

David W. Copithorne

Jennifer J. Coudron

Kalynn M. Crist

Jessica Elizabeth Cruz

Mark P. Davis

Pricilla M. Delatorre

Dave Derbis

Lisa di Giacomo

Rowynn M. Dumont

Sarah R. Elledge

Heidi E. Ferguson

Brian J. Flint

Kaitie M. Fox
Rebecca J. Gage

Michela J. Giannini

Annamarie Glass

Joanna A. Glezakos

Allison L. Good

Robert J. Graham

Brandi L. Hagen

Jordan L. Haiduk

Kyle J. Hammons

Alisha A. Hanson

Madalyn K. S. L. Hanson

Christopher J. Harasta

Victoria C. Harding

Moira Hauer

AshleyRenee Hoffman

Michael S. Howe

John R. Huewe

Herry Hwie

Randy V. Jackson

Kristine A. Jirak

Hilary C. Johnson

Coquentin Julien

Jason D. Kennedy

Justin J. Kunesh

Katy A. Lederer

Alex Leme

Jacob Lemmon

Joe Chun Zu Liao

Ian R. MacLellan

Alex S. Markow

Levi R. Marshall

Ashley Y. Matthews

Kayleigh A. McGillivray

Sarah M. Megyesy

James C. Mielnicki

Tad Cheyenne Miller

Leah K. Monson

Michael J. Mullady

Matthew C. Murray

Sarah E. Murray

Victor Ng

Teddy B. Nishimura

Rezwan Noor

Christopher A. Pagley

Lee M. Patton

Ryan D. Peil

Bill R. Perry

Barbara J. Pettibone

Pheap Por

Luis X. Quijada

Jodie R. Quinter

Julia M. Raymond

Blake W. Rice

Tri Sanguanbun

Michael A. Schmidt

Nathan J. Schmidt

Mandy K. Simino

Molly Rose Sittner

Todd A. Sloan

Jordan M. Taffet

Minako Tasaki

Anna M. Tingle

Bayoan Torres

Paul Toscano

Danelle J. Tran

Kimberly M. Tyson

Sagette G. Van Embden

Sasha Walker

Cali J. Walters

Max S. Wilbert

Emma L. Willoughby

Kathleen L. Wiltshire

Jesse James Winters

ilse wogau

NOTE TO FINALISTS: All finalists were notified by mail in January. If you received a letter that said you had been selected as a finalist, your name and photograph will be published in the Annual. This is a list of Winners and Honorable Mentions only. Your name will not be on this list if you did not go on to become a Winner or Honorable Mention. All Winners, Honorable Mentions and Finalists will receive a gold-embossed certificate in May, along with an order form for tear sheets.

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