Summer 2011 / Vol. 33 / No. 3

////Summer 2011 / Vol. 33 / No. 3

Summer 2011 / Vol. 33 / No. 3

Cover photo: ©Sarah-Marie E. Land Mortuary 2, Saint Louis, Missouri, 2010

Book Review
by Amanda Quintenz-Fiedler
c/o Ward 81, by Bill Diodato.

by Amanda Quintenz-Fiedler

New Products

Digital Photography
Tamron Lenses
by Cynthia Anderson

Ken Light: Photographs as Part of the Conversation
by Ken Lassiter
Social documentary photographer Light talks about his life and work.

Mitch Dobrowner: Coming Full Circle
by Cynthia Anderson
Inspired to return to photography, Dobrowner sees in black and white.

31st Annual College Photography Contest

Larry Yust: Photographic Elevations
by Nell Campbell
The photographer coined a term to describe his composite images.


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