Winners List :: 30th Annual Spring Photography Contest

////Winners List :: 30th Annual Spring Photography Contest

Winners List :: 30th Annual Spring Photography Contest

Below are the results of the 30th Annual Spring Photography Contest, sponsored by Photographer’s Forum magazine and Sigma. Finalists were notified in July. The Winners and Honorable Mentions listed here were chosen from the Finalist group by our judges. This year the judges were: Christopher Broughton, Faculty, Brooks Institute of Photography; Christy Schuler, commercial photographer and instructor; and Dr. Joe Ippolito, author, commercial photographer, and professor at Florida A&M University.

*** Finalists, please see the NOTE at the bottom of this page.***


First Place $2,000 :: Len Salonsky

Second Place $1,000 :: Kjetil Vatne

Third Place $500 :: Chan Kwok Hung

Fourth Place $100 :: Agnes Bataclan
:: Adam Harvey
:: Richard J. Kuperberg, Sr.
:: Nina Marie Rambo
:: Samuil Velichkov


Ricky Afuang

Mohammed Al-Furaih

Susan Annable

Samra Asrat

Anne Berry

Sudip Bhar

Faith Bocian

Krista Boyd

Martina Brandstetter

Adrien P. Broom

Shelley A. Calton

Polly Chandler

Mirko Corrias

Kalen Curtis

Maria Datsykova

Donald David

Juliette M. DeClue

Dave Derbis

Tuhin Subhra Dey

Steen Doessing

Nina Doran

Joey Dunn

Jordan Y. Ewert

Claudia Fainguersch

Trisa Fairchild

Diego Agurto Fell

Alexander S. Frederick

Silvia Ganora

Miriam Garcia

Mairianne Giovanna Genova Lividini

George Giurickovic

Melissa M. Gordon

Dawn (Bradway) Heimer

Thomas G. Hocker

Jeremy Holmes

Paige E. Hornsby

Kaveh Hosseini

Jann Huizenga

Chan Kwok Hung

Urs Jenzer

Jaime Johnson

Snehendu B. Kar

Emily B. Kim

Courtney L. Knoblock

Julien Legrand

David J. Long

Andrea Lypka

Carmen Maldonado

Jean-Philippe Martin

Rich Martinez

Haidar Mazen

Bob McColley

Kerry E. McDonnell

Wes Mitchell

Maxim Mjodov

Ella Morton

Keith Munger

Daniel Munteanu

Matthew Murray

Chester Ng

Maylee Noah

Fiona Nolan

Randall Nyhof

Ryon M. Odneal

Henry Ortega

Morgan Ostrander

Sylwia Ozdzynski

Sreesailam Pasupula

Laurie Pearman

Andre Perron

Diane Pizza

Paul G. Ponticell

Laila R. Pregizer

Jeffrey Pubantz

Alicia Raft

Marisa Rebecca

Jim Robertson

Josh Rose

Deba Prasad Roy

Maureen Ruddy Burkhart

Isobel Ryan

Anthony Satori

Jake B. Schmidt

Joanna Slowikowska

Charles W. Smith

Jay Spilker

Nathan Spotts

Wayne Stadler

Teresa Irena Sum

Feldy Suwito

Joshua Sy

Debashis Tarafder

Bill Tompkins

Yolanda Tooley

Edvinas Vilimas

Paul Weiner

Sandra Chen Weinstein

Ilona Wellmann

Bobby J. Wheat II

Jonathan R. Willis

NOTE TO FINALISTS: All finalists were notified by mail in July. If you received a letter that said you had been selected as a finalist, your name and photograph will be published in the Annual. This is a list of Winners and Honorable Mentions only. Your name will not be on this list if you did not go on to become a Winner or Honorable Mention. All Winners, Honorable Mentions and Finalists will receive a gold-embossed certificate in December, along with an order form for tear sheets..
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