Quantum Has Turbo Flash Power… Blade Thin.

////Quantum Has Turbo Flash Power… Blade Thin.

For lightweight flash power with exceptional recycling speed, the Blade is the smallest Turbo ever. For a one-piece flash photography machine, you just slip a flash into the hot shoe and a Blade under your camera. The Blade excels in fastmoving grab-and-go photography. Also mounts on a monopod or light stand with a flash attached, or with a camera and flash. Unlike other types of batteries, the Turbo Blade has no “memory.” You can “top it off” at any time, or give it a quick charge to get a few more shots. Appropriately short, unobtrusive cables are available to feed regulated voltage to your flash directly from the Turbo Blade. Visit Quantum at www.qtm.com for more details.

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