Winter 2010 / Vol. 33 / No. 1

////Winter 2010 / Vol. 33 / No. 1

Winter 2010 / Vol. 33 / No. 1

Photographer's Forum Magazine Winter 2010

Cover photo: Scarlet. © Agnes Bataclan, 2009

Book Review
by Amanda Quintenz-Fiedler
Exposed: Voyeurism, Surveillance, and the Camera Since 1870. By Sandra S. Phillips, Simon Baker and Richard B. Woodward.

by Amanda Quintenz-Fiedler
Snapshot reviews of four notable photography books.

New Products

Digital Photography
Sony SLT-A55 and SLT-A33
by Cynthia Anderson

Digital Darkroom
High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography
by Rafael “RC” Concepcion
A controversial new art form, HDR photography merges images to yield something that is more than its parts.

Chris Rainier: Images at the Indigenous Edge
by Claire Sykes
Rainier’s images dodge the stereotypes and venture into an aesthetic all their own.

30th Annual Spring Photography Contest

John Upton
by Nell Campbell
This photographer and educator has made the journey from traditional black and white photography to digital.


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