Summer 2010 / Vol. 32 / No. 3

////Summer 2010 / Vol. 32 / No. 3

Summer 2010 / Vol. 32 / No. 3

Cover photo: Rachel, © Candacy Taylor, 2006

by Amanda Quintenz-Fiedler
Snapshot reviews of four notable photography books.

Book Review
by Amanda Quintenz-Fiedler
Animal Logic by Richard Barnes.

New Products

Digital Photography
Mamiya DM22: Medium Format, Affordable Price
by Cynthia Anderson

Debbie Fleming Caffery: Earth, Sweat and Fire
by Claire Sykes
The images in Caffery’s photographhic series do more than document, they evoke the mysteries in the stories they tell.

Brett Weston: Out of the Shadow
by Cynthia Anderson
The son of a famous photographer, Brett Weston carved his own niche, as seen in this recent traveling exhibition.

30th Annual College Photography Contest


Candacy Taylor
by Nell Campbell
To bring light to slices of America life with her projects, Taylor turned herself into a photographer.


More of this feature article can be read in the Summer 2010 issue.

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