Winter 2009 / Vol. 32 / No. 1

////Winter 2009 / Vol. 32 / No. 1

Winter 2009 / Vol. 32 / No. 1

Cover photo: "Iron Horse Inn" © Jay Spilker. Finalist, 29th Annual Spring Photography Contest.

Book Review
by James Kaufmann
The Spirit & The Flesh by Debbie Fleming Caffery.

by James Kaufmann
New Products

Digital Photography
Nikon D300s and Accessories
by Cynthia Anderson

Ben Fernandez
by Ken Lassiter
The award-winning photojournalist recounts the chapters in his life’s story.

Ernesto Bazan
by Nell Campbell
Bazan’s images are those of a photographer in love with the spirit of the Cuban people.

29th Annual Spring Photography Contest

Steven B. Smith
by Kim Beil
Smith’s photographs express the uneasy relationship between construction and the surrounding landscape.


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