Summer 2009 / Vol. 31 / No. 3

////Summer 2009 / Vol. 31 / No. 3

Summer 2009 / Vol. 31 / No. 3

Cover photo: © James Balog, Icebergs 200 feet tall; formerly part of the Greenland Ice Sheet

Book Review
by James Kaufmann
The Blue Room by Eugene Richards.

by James Kaufmann
Snapshot reviews of four notable photography books.

Digital Photography
New Products from Sinar Bron Imaging

by Cynthia Anderson

Please Touch! Alinari National Museum of Photography

by Ken Lassiter
Italy’s new national photography museum houses historic a well as ground-breaking collections, including a photography display for the blind and sight-impaired.

Lee Miller

by Judith Turner-Yamamoto
A retrospective of her work marked the centenary of the birth of this model, photographer, war correspondent, artist and Surrealist muse.

29th Annual College Photography Contest

Glacial Proportions: James Balog’s Extreme Ice Survey

by Claire Sykes
Balog’s photographs shock us into an awareness of the grave impacts of global warming on glaciers.

A listing of classes and workshops in the U.S. and abroad

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