Spring 2009 / Vol. 31 / No. 2

////Spring 2009 / Vol. 31 / No. 2

Spring 2009 / Vol. 31 / No. 2

Cover photo: © Joel Meyerowitz, Chuckie, Cape Cod, 1980

Book Review
by James Kaufmann
The Life of a Photograph. By Sam Abell.

by James Kaufmann
Snapshot reviews of four notable photography books.

Art Wolfe at the Edge

by Cynthia Anderson
Uplifting photography by one of Canon’s Explorers of Light.

Digital Photography
Canon: Raising the Bar

by Cynthia Anderson

Genes and Ingenuity: A Conversation with Bruce Mozert

by Ken Lassiter
Now in his 90s, the innovative underwater photographer is re-experiencing his earlier fame.

Rod Fincannon, Scott Nichol, Paul Nordmann, Steph Plourde-Simard

Joel Meyerowitz

by Nell Campbell
Beauty in the documentary work of this self-proclaimed “plein air photographer.”

A listing of classes and workshops in the U.S. and abroad

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