Winter 2008 / Vol. 31 / No. 1

////Winter 2008 / Vol. 31 / No. 1

Winter 2008 / Vol. 31 / No. 1

Cover photo: © Rosamond Wolff Purcell, Bookcase in Studio, 1998

Digital Photography
Sony’s Flagship DSLR: The A900

by Cynthia Anderson

Book Review
by James Kaufmann

Eugene Richards: New Work

by Rosalind Smith
The work of one of the world’s foremost social documentary photographers.

Paul Caponigro: Meditations in Silver

by Judith Turner-Yamamoto
An intimate view of the master photographer’s interaction with nature.

Top Awards
28th Annual Spring Photography Contest

by James Kaufmann
Snapshot reviews of four notable photography books.

Rosamond Wolff Purcell: Choice Meets Chance

by Claire Sykes
Entropy at the intersection of the chaos of nature and the human need to categorize.


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