Spring 2008 / Vol. 30 / No. 2

////Spring 2008 / Vol. 30 / No. 2

Spring 2008 / Vol. 30 / No. 2

Cover photo: © Tatiana Grigorenko, Former coal-miners daughter at home, Stakhanov, Ukraine, 2006. From the "Missing Link" series.

by James Kaufmann
A glance at four notable books on photography.

Book Review
by James Kaufmann
David Plowden: Vanishing Point—Fifty Years of Photography

Jarret Schecter: Camera with a Conscience

by Claire Sykes
Schecter’s poignant photography brings awareness to the plight of the world’s disenfranchised.

Duane Michaels

by Rosalind Smith
Michaels reflects on his decades-long career and discusses his book, The House I Once Called Home.

Rusty Bright, Guy Gagnon, Tatiana Grigorenko, Joe Melchione

Digital Photography
News from Phase One

by Cynthia Anderson

Lewis Kemper: Celebrating the Sheer Joy of Nature Through Photography

by Grace Schaub
The quintessential outdoor photographer delights in the details and the panoramas of national parklands.


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