Fall 2008 / Vol. 30 / No. 4

////Fall 2008 / Vol. 30 / No. 4

Fall 2008 / Vol. 30 / No. 4

Cover photo: © John Humble, 1117 C Street, Wilmington, July 26, 1998.

Book Review
by James Kaufmann
Still: Cowboys at the Start of the Twenty-First Century,
by Robb Kendrick and Marianne Wiggins

by James Kaufmann

New Products

Digital Photography
Flash Solutions from Quantum Instruments, Inc.

by Cynthia Anderson

Sigmar Polke

by Judith Turner-Yamamoto
Enigmatic images that both fascinate and confound.

A Conversation with Gary Monroe: True to His Cause

by Ken Lassiter
Documentary photography in the old-school sense.

Igor Kraguljac, Valerie McAninch, Matthew Messmer

John Humble

by Nell Campbell
Portrait of a photographer who has been portraying Los Angeles
for over three decades.


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