Winter 2007 / Vol. 30 / No. 1

////Winter 2007 / Vol. 30 / No. 1

Winter 2007 / Vol. 30 / No. 1

Letter From The Publisher
Photographer’s Forum celebrates 30 years.

by James Kaufmann
A glance at four notable books on photography.

Book Review
by James Kaufmann
Accommodating Nature: The Photographs of Frank Gohike,
by John Rohrbach

New Products

Digital Photography
New Printers From Epson

by Cynthia Anderson

27th Annual Spring Photography Contest

The Legacy of Weegee

by Cynthia Anderson
An in-depth look at the man who declared, “I have no inhibitions, and neither has my camera.”

Stephen Shore

by Judith Bell Turner-Yamamoto
With the publication of new books, the spotlight is once again on one of photography’s most influential players.

Jodi Cobb: Have Camera, Still Traveling

by Ken Lassiter
A National Geographic staff photographer since 1977, Jodi Cobb is renowned for her ability to penetrate closed societies.


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