Summer 2007 / Vol. 29 / No. 3

////Summer 2007 / Vol. 29 / No. 3

Summer 2007 / Vol. 29 / No. 3

Cover Photo: © 2005 UNICEF Photo of the Year Award, Third Prize””"Boys and Girls" Frida Hedberg, Sweden / Pressens Bild, Scanpix””All Rights Reserved

Book Review:
Weeping Mary, Photographs by O. Rufus Lovett.
by James Kaufmann

Mini-reviews of four notable photography publications.
by James Kaufmann

New Products

Digital Photography:
The Latest from Lexar
by Cynthia Anderson

UNICEF Photo of the Year Awards at Photokina
The plight of the world’s children is brought to light in this annual exhibit.
by Grace Schaub

Don English: The Heart and Soul of Las Vegas
From Liberace, to Kennedy, to Miss Atomic Bomb, photojournalist Don English publicized the stars of the Las Vegas of the 50’s and 60’s.
by Nell Campbell

Winners: 27th Annual College Photography Contest

Chris Johns: Pictures That Matter

Editor-in-chief of National Geographic magazine, the photographer reviews his career to date.
by Ken Lassiter


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