Fall 2007 / Vol. 29 / No. 4

////Fall 2007 / Vol. 29 / No. 4

Fall 2007 / Vol. 29 / No. 4

Cover photo: ©2006 Derrick Clark, Fashionable State of Mind #3

Book Review:
Jeff Wall, by Peter Galassi, James Rondeau
and Neal Benezra

by James Kaufmann

Mini-reviews of four notable photography publications.
by James Kaufmann

New Products

Candida Höfer

Not purely architectural, the German photographer’s rhythmically
patterned interiors reveal logic and order.
by Judith Bell Turner-Yamamoto

Charles Moore: Fighting Back with His Camera

On the front lines of the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and ’60s.
by Ken Lassiter

Digital Photography:
Kingston Technology Company Inc.

by Cynthia Anderson

Martina Brandstetter
Derrick Clark
Mark Fresques
Jan Anderson-Paxson

Antarctica: Photographing at the Bottom of the World
Writer-instructor-photographer and world traveler Rick Sammon
shares tips and photos from the land of icebergs and penguins.
by Rick Sammon


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