Contest FAQ’s

General Questions

Is there a limit to the number of photos I enter?

What are your categories?

Does Photographer's Forum require a model release of the people who are subjects of the photograph?

Do you accept photos shot with a digital camera, or digitally manipulated?

What about copyright?

Who are the judges?

Do my photos need to have been shot with a sponsor's equipment?

Spring Contest

Who can enter the SPRING Contest?

When and how are the finalists, honorable mentions, and winners notified?

College & High School Contest

Who can enter the COLLEGE & HIGH SCHOOL Contest?

When are the finalists, winners and honorable mentions notified, and how?

Will I or my school automatically be sent a copy of the book if my picture is in it?

Digital :: Uploaded Entries

What are the image specifications to enter online?

I am getting an error message when I try to upload my photos. What can I do?

I paid for my entries online just now but I do not see the page to upload my photos.

I paid for my entries and was taken to a page that has buttons that say SUBMIT IMAGE and codes next to them. Does that mean some photos are already in those slots?

Do I have to go through the registration process again if I have already paid and want to upload additional photos?

I uploaded my photos but did not receive an email confirmation. How can I be sure you received them successfully?

Prints or Slides :: Manual Entries

I will be sending my prints and slides by mail. How large do they have to be?

Will I get my photographs back?

Foreign Submissions

Do you accept photos from photographers in foreign countries?

How can I pay for entering my photos if I am a foreign entrant?