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Fall 2014 / Vol. 36 / No. 4

Cover Photo: © Peter Turnley / Corbis.
Mozambican refugee, Malawi, 1988.

The World According to Peter Turnley
Benjamin Rusnak Makes Contact
Garry Winogrand Retrospective

The World According to PETER TURNLEY

Kosovar-Albanian refugees

Although Peter Turnley is renowned for documenting the human condition around the world, he has also photographed life and romance in Paris, his adopted home since 1975. His tender views of this city’s magnificence and beauty provide a vivid contrast to the harsh realities of his photojournalistic work. Turnley has captured most major stories of […]

GARRY WINOGRAND Student of America

New York, ca. 1962 ©The Estate of Garry WinoGrand, courtesy Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco

Garry Winogrand’s body of work is as big and sprawling as the country he documented. It’s said that over two million people — roughly one percent of the U.S. population in the 1960s — were captured by his lens. Paging through the massive catalog accompanying Garry Winogrand, his current globe-touring retrospective, it stood to reason […]


Bathed in Love

Ribs sticking out, twigs for arms, eyes sunken. I’ll never forget it. I was about seven years old when my mother showed me a black-and-white photograph of a naked and emaciated child, in some book at the public library. For me, that moment was the start of learning about a much bigger and more serious […]

Olympus Products Unite Power and Portability

Olympus OM-D E-M1

The OM-D E-M1 is the flagship model in Olympus’s revolutionary Micro Four Thirds lineup of cameras, designed for advanced photographers who require a high-performance camera and a compact interchangeable lens system. Olympus recently established the M.ZUIKO PRO lens category, which includes the ED 12-40mm f/2.8 (24–80mm, 35mm equivalent) PRO lens. To discuss the merits of […]

Sigma’s New DP2 Quattro Camera


The first camera in Sigma’s dp Quattro trio of cameras is now available. As with all the cameras in the Quattro series, the dp2 Quattro features a redesigned camera body and Foveon “Quattro” Direct Image sensor, which builds on the distinctive properties of X3 technology, uniquely recording red, green, and blue wavelengths at each pixel […]

Introducing Chimera NF 1X1 & 1X2S


Chimera is expanding the No Frame (NF) TECH LED Lightbank series to work with the ever growing number of instruments available. These Lightbanks are designed to be quick and easy while giving you expanded control of your lighting tool of choice. Chimera now has two 1x1s and two 1x2s, which attach to your lights using […]

Manfrotto Unveils New 190 Tripod Series


Manfrotto’s new 190 series of lightweight and compact tripods sets a new industry benchmark with a host of elegantly simple innovations and practical improvements. Enhanced features include a new Quick Power Lock leg lever design (QPL), which provides a strong, ultra-fast and ergonomic locking system that allows for complete extension of the legs with one […]

Nikon Announces the New D810


Nikon’s new FX-format camera is a multimedia HD-SLR for photographers and cinematographers, featuring a new 36.3- megapixel CMOS sensor with no optical low pass filter (OLPF), yielding extremely high-resolution, broad dynamic range and stellar sharpness. It’s bolstered by Nikon’s EXPEED 4 image processor, for a 30% overall boost in performance. Other features include an advanced […]