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Summer 2015 / Vol. 37 / No. 3


A Conversation with Craig Semetko
Retrospective: Ray K. Metzker
Behind the Shots with Ami Vitale
Winners: 35th Annual College & High School
Photography Contest

Spring 2015 / Vol. 37 / No. 2

Cover Photo: ©Bob Adelman 1965, Montgomery, Alabama

Visions of Liberty: Interview with Bob Adelman
Shooting Close to Home with Patrick Zephyr
Harvey Stein: The Street is His Studio

Winter 2014 / Vol. 37 / No. 1

Cover Photo: Bruce Springsteen, 2002 © Gregory Heisler

Gregory Heisler’s Iconic Portraits
Norman Mauskopf: Book-Driven
Seeing Through Iphoneography
Winners: 34Th Annual Spring Photography Contest

Fall 2014 / Vol. 36 / No. 4

Cover Photo: © Peter Turnley / Corbis.
Mozambican refugee, Malawi, 1988.

The World According to Peter Turnley
Benjamin Rusnak Makes Contact
Garry Winogrand Retrospective

Summer 2014 / Vol. 36 / No. 3

John Byrne

The Portraits of David Eustace
Nick Brandt: Animal Elegy
Marissa Roth: One Person Crying
Winners: 34Th Annual College & High School Contest

Spring 2014 / Vol. 36 / No. 2

Photographer's Forum Spring 2014

Profile: Portrait Photographer Dana Gluckstein
In the Garden with Ron van Dongen
A Conversation with Emily Hanako Momohara
Portfolios: Kevin Butler, Nina Marie Rambo

Winter 2013 / Vol. 36 / No. 1

Cover Photo: © Camil M. Seisanu
The Good Shepherd, 2012

Winners: 33rd Annual Spring Photography Contest
Tim Bradley Explores Place and Process
The Taxonomy of Grace: Kate Breakey
Profile: Philipp Scholz Rittermann

Fall 2013 / Vol. 35 / No. 4

Cover Photo: © Cheyenne L. Rouse.
Sedona Reflection, Arizona, 2012

Ezra Stoller: The Art of Architecture
Mental Landscape: A Conversation with Stu Levy
Cheyenne L. Rouse: Reinventing the Wheel

Summer 2013 / Vol. 35 / No. 3


The Visual Memories of Lorena Guillén Vaschetti
Double Vision: Christopher Rauschenberg’s Homage to Atget
Ernest H. Brooks II: The Light Beneath the Sea

Spring 2013 / Vol. 35 / No. 2

Cover photo: © Kate Brooks. Poppies. Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan 2002

Douglas Kirkland: A Love Affair with Photography
Abelardo Morell: Thinking in Pictures
Kate Brooks: Gravity And Grace

Winter 2012 / Vol. 35 / No. 1

Cover photo: © Jane Hilton. Johnny Green,
page 46 Livestock Trader. Cortez, Colorado 2006

Celebrating 35 years of Photographer’s Forum
Andreas Franke: Life Underwater
Rise and Fall of Apartheid: Photography and the Bureaucracy of Everyday Life
On the Road with Jane Hilton
Santeri Tuori

Fall 2012 / Vol. 34 / No. 4

Cover photo: © Richard Sexton
Staircase, Ashland/Belle Helene Plantation, 1998.

Judy Dater: Seeing and Being Seen
Images of Wonder: The Photographs of Linda Connor
Richard Sexton

Summer 2012 / Vol. 34 / No. 3


Vivian Maier: Private Life. Public Eye.
Worlds to Conquer: The Photography of Danny Lyon
Macduff Everton and the Maya

Spring 2012 / Vol. 34 / No. 2

Cover photo: Magic Johnson vs. Boston Celtics, 1984 ©Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE/Getty Images

He’s Got Game: An Interview with Andrew D. Bernstein
Radiant Darkness: The Images of Edgar Angelone
Les Horvat: An Australian Photographer’s Tale of Vietnam

Winter 2011 / Vol. 34 / No. 1

Cover photo:  ©Nick Ng Yeow Kee, 2010 Treis Monakhos

Bending to Gender: Pictures by Women at MoMA
Kenro Izu: An Architecture of Faith
The World of Charles Grogg
Rich Clarkson: A Perfectionist with Flexibility

Fall 2011 / Vol. 33 / No. 4

Cover photo: © Bill Dewey, 2006 Sacramento Delta Patterns

Jim Vecchi: Into the Light
Elliott Erwitt: Personal Best
Bill Dewey: Aerial Photographer

Summer 2011 / Vol. 33 / No. 3

Cover photo: ©Sarah-Marie E. Land Mortuary 2, Saint Louis, Missouri, 2010

Ken Light: Photographs as Part of the Conversation
Mitch Dobrowner: Coming Full Circle
Larry Yust: Photographic Elevations

Spring 2011 / Vol. 33 / No. 2

Photographer's Forum - Spring 2001 / February cover

Bending to Gender: Pictures by Women at MoMA
The Intimate Eye: Nicholas Nixon’s Family Photographs
David Burnett: What Could Be Better Than This?
Rick Souders

Winter 2010 / Vol. 33 / No. 1

Photographer's Forum Magazine Winter 2010

High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography
Chris Rainier: Images at the Indigenous Edge
John Upton

Fall 2010 / Vol. 32 / No. 4


Debbie Fleming Caffery: Earth, Sweat and Fire
Brett Weston: Out of the Shadow
Candacy Taylor

Summer 2010 / Vol. 32 / No. 3

Cover photo: Rachel, © Candacy Taylor, 2006

Debbie Fleming Caffery: Earth, Sweat and Fire
Brett Weston: Out of the Shadow
Candacy Taylor

Spring 2010 / Vol. 32 / No. 2

Cover photo: Jeane C, © Adam Rose, 2008

Scott McClaine
Yousuf Karsh
Felipe Dupouy: Portrait of Los Angeles

Winter 2009 / Vol. 32 / No. 1

Cover photo: "Iron Horse Inn" © Jay Spilker. Finalist, 29th Annual Spring Photography Contest.

Ben Fernandez
Ernesto Bazan
Steven B. Smith

Fall 2009 / Vol. 31 / No. 4

Cover photo: © Robert Farber, Walking the Dog, New York City, 1991

Martin Munkacsi: A Master, Lost and Found
Vernacular Photography: Images of the Everyday
A Conversation with Robert Farber: Photographs Like What People Imagine

Summer 2009 / Vol. 31 / No. 3

Cover photo: © James Balog, Icebergs 200 feet tall; formerly part of the Greenland Ice Sheet

Please Touch! Alinari National Museum of Photography
Lee Miller
Glacial Proportions: James Balog’s Extreme Ice Survey