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Judith Turner-Yamamoto is an art critic, curator and fiction/features writer based in Washington, D.C. and Cincinnati, Ohio. Her articles have appeared in Elle, The Boston Globe, Finnair, The Los Angeles Times, Travel & Leisure, and Interiors.

EZRA STOLLER The Art of Architecture

Deering House, 1958. Architect, Paul Rudolph. EZRA STOLLER ©ESTO I was born into the world documented by Ezra Stoller, into that contagion of post-war, don’t-look-back American optimism that proliferated even in my native South. My father and his siblings had left the farm, laden with Depression-era memories, for the factories and their promise [...]

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Elliott Erwitt :: PERSONAL BEST

Think of Elliott Erwitt, and an iconographic image that comes to mind is his photograph of an anxious, sweatered Chihuahua dwarfed by the boots of its owner and the colossal front feet and legs of a Great Dane. With an observant and eclectic eye and an unexpected point of view, this 83-year-old veteran photojournalist has often explored life at [...]

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