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In The Garden with RON VAN DONGEN

Ron in Field, 1966. Opposite: Papaver ‘Black Cloud,’ 2005 ©HENK VAN DONGEN Fields of tulips roll out like huge bolts of fabric, striping the flat Dutch landscape in yellows, oranges, reds and magentas. When he wasn’t bicycling or playing soccer, Ron van Dongen wandered those fields in the village of Warmond, Netherlands, where [...]

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KATE BREAKEY The Taxonomy of Grace

Fallen Bird, from Remains, 1993, 34" x 28" © KATE BREAKEY Wings sweep across the sky like an artist’s brush on canvas. A Steller’s Jay squawks through my backyard and lands in the plum tree, and I admire its crested head and blue feathers striped in black. I can picture this bird so [...]

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Mental Landscape: A Conversation with STU LEVY

Barbara Crane ©STU LEVY At the edge of Portland, Oregon's Washington Park, with its roses, Japanese gardens and forest trails, Stu Levy welcomes me into his bungalow home. Right away he gives me a tour of the art that he and his wife, Cris Maranze, collected over 35 years — images by photographers [...]

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©CHRISTOPHER RAUSCHENBERG Early mornings he walked the old Paris with his camera. One day in Saint-Cloud, he came across a spiral-topped gatepost and took a picture of it. It’s one of more than 10,000 photographs Eugène Atget made over 30 years, trying to preserve on film what was vanishing in this great city [...]

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KATE BROOKS Gravity And Grace

Poppies. Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan 2002 © KATE BROOKS If you follow world events at all, you can’t miss Kate Brooks’s photographs. You also might not want to look at them. When her book In the Light of Darkness: A Photographer’s Journey After 9/11 (Schilt Publishing, 2011) arrived at my doorstep, I braced myself. But [...]

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On The Road With JANE HILTON

Shiprock, New Mexico 2006 The two-lane blacktop slices through the high Nevada desert, as Jane Hilton’s 1966 gold Mustang speeds past sagebrush and tumbleweed toward snow-clad mountains hovering like clouds in the distance. This lonely, desolate stretch of U.S. Route 50 is far from London, England — where she lives — yet she couldn’t [...]

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JUDY DATER :: Seeing and Being Seen

© JUDY DATER, Juggler, 2012 Every Saturday morning, five-year-old Judy Dater eagerly went with her father to the movie theater he owned near Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, California. While he put away cartons of candy and popcorn and retreated to his office, she stepped into the blackest space imaginable to her, its [...]

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Vivian Maier: Private Life. Public Eye.

She washes the last of the breakfast dishes, gives the children a quick goodbye kiss on the cheek, slings her camera around her neck and heads out the door. It’s another overcast Saturday in a northern Chicago suburb as nanny and housekeeper Vivian Maier takes the train once again into the city. Or [...]

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RADIANT DARKNESS: The Images of Edgar Angelone

Look at Edgar Angelone’s black-and-white gelatin silver and platinum photographs, and you’ll see more than the beautiful scenes on which he trains his medium-format camera. His images explore the possibilities of darkness and light beyond the visual, in the realms of reverie and memory, intellect and emotion. “My art is a unique expression [...]

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Rising up through Tibet’s Himalayas, the snow-covered peak of Mount Kailash glows as if illuminated from within, radiating a hallowed essence. The sacred site is one of hundreds around the world that Izu has photographed since 1979. His 14x20-inch large format, platinum/ palladium contact prints — among them, Egypt’s Step Pyramid, Stonehenge, Angkor Wat, Easter Island, Machu Picchu and the Mayan ruins — appear in Kenro Izu: A Thirty Year Retrospective (Nazraeli Press, 2010), his ninth and most recent book. “It’s not my purpose to photograph the architecture,” Izu tells me from his studio in Rhinebeck, New York ( “I’m trying to photograph the air surrounding it. I feel that the accumulation of prayers over thousands of years is embedded in the atmosphere.”

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