Sigma sd Quattro Camera

////Sigma sd Quattro Camera

Sigma sd Quattro CameraThe sd Quattro is a highly unique APS-C sensor mirrorless camera designed with the Foveon Quattro sensor. This sensor is renowned for its incredible image quality and color fidelity and produces imagery comparable to that of a 39MP DSLR with a Bayerpattern sensor. Its new physical design touts a two mode autofocus system, utilizing phase detection and contrast detection for optimal performance while a dust & splash proof magnesium alloy body make this system rugged and ideal for harsh conditions. While in “Auto”, a new 2.3MP viewfinder will toggle between the eye piece when you raise the camera to your face and then toggle to the LCD screen as you lower the camera. The Super Fine detail mode takes full advantage of the Foveon sensor, capturing 7 different exposures in one click for the ultimate dynamic range (images can be extracted individually). The Sigma sd Quattro is manufactured to use the Sigma Global Vision lenses, renowned for their super IQ and performance. For further information, visit

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