FUJIFILM’s New X-A3 Mirrorless Camera

////FUJIFILM’s New X-A3 Mirrorless Camera

fujifilm_x-a3FUJIFILM North America Corporation has announced the new FUJIFILM X-A3, a compact mirrorless camera with a large, 180 degree tilting touch LCD, eleven film simulations and ten advanced filters, all in a retro, classic design. It features a newly-developed 24.2MP APS-C sensor that produces crisp images in a wide range of shooting conditions, and excels in naturally reproducing skin tones, textures and colors. The top cover, front plate and top dials are made of aluminum and the newly-developed faux leather enhances the overall texture. The LCD on the rear uses a touchscreen that offers “Touch AF,” “Touch Shoot” and “Touch Zoom,” for easy pinch-out finger gestures to zoom in and out. The FUJIFILM X-A3 grip is designed to accommodate normal shooting and self-portraits effortlessly. The rear LCD employs a slide-and-tilt mechanism so that it is not blocked by the camera body when tilted 180 degrees to maintain 100% visibility. X-A3 offers a total of eleven Film Simulation modes. The normal sensitivity range covers ISO200 to ISO6400, while extended sensitivity settings of ISO12800 and even ISO25600 can be selected when you want to minimize camera shake. And with the Advanced Filters, users can easily produce unique and creative effects. For more information, visit www.fujifilmusa.com/northamerica or following Fujifilm on Facebook and Twitter.

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