Cotton Carrier’s Strapshot EV1

////Cotton Carrier’s Strapshot EV1

Cotton Carrier’s Strapshot EV1Looking for a way to reduce the strain on your neck and shoulders that comes from traditional camera neck straps? Cotton Carrier’s StrapShot EV1 is newly designed to securely carry compact, mirrorless, fourthirds and full-sized DSLR cameras. EV1 is thinner than the original StrapShot, and includes a redesigned tether and wrist strap that will act as a safety leash against accidental drops. Cotton Carrier’s patented locking system keeps cameras securely mounted. StrapShot EV1 includes a camera hub that attaches to your camera’s tripod mount on the base of the camera. The camera hub slides in and is securely mounted into the locking system, and releases once the camera is turned 90 degrees so you’re ready for the shot at any time. A loop on the back of StrapShot EV1 allows it to be attached to a pants belt for use with smaller cameras. For more information on Cotton Carrier, go to

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