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////Extended Technology from Wacom
Cintiq Companion

Cintiq Companion

Responding to evolving trends and customer requests, Wacom has extended its creative pen-to-tablet technology from desktop computing to a mobile environment with new Cintiq creative tablets. Also new are Intuos tablets that address broad skill levels from hobbyist on up to professional photographer. And finally, the Intuos Creative Stylus is a new digital pen for image editing, sketching and painting on the iPad.

“Creative applications such as Adobe Photoshop Elements and Corel Painter Essentials are included with most of our products,” reports Douglas Little, senior public relations manager for Wacom Technology Services. He adds, “When a photographer plugs in a Wacom tablet, numerous brush features become available. Pressure sensitivity and the ability to get into tight corners are benefits of Wacom pens — abilities you don’t have with a computer mouse.”

Cintiq Goes Mobile

“The Cintiq mobile line is an exciting development for photographers who want to work remotely,” says Little. These devices utilize key elements of the Cintiq 13HD and Cintiq 22HD, full HD display with touch control and the Wacom Pro Pen with 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity and tilt recognition.

These new products combine highperformance hardware and software that allow photographers to edit images and create works of art while on the road. “One of our tag lines is ‘Make the World Your Studio,’” notes Little. As an allinclusive mobile workstation, the Cintiq Companion is effectively a Windows 8 tablet, powered by a third-generation Intel Core processor and Intel HD Graphics 4000 to efficiently edit images in cloud programs like Adobe Photoshop CS6. Wacom offers two Cintiq Companion models: one with 8GB memory and 256GB SSD with Windows 8 at $1,999; and the other with 8GB memory and 512GB SSD with Windows 8 Pro at $2,499.

The Cintiq Companion Hybrid offers a versatile, two-in-one solution because of its ability to function as a traditional Cintiq when connected to a computer. “Yet, when you take it on the road, it becomes an Android device,” Little points out. It has a 13-inch interactive pen display and comes with a Nvidia Tegra 4 processor and Android Jellybean. When you return to the studio, images can be transferred to a computer or shared directly to cloud services with the preloaded ASTRO file manager. There are two versions of the Cintiq Companion Hybrid: a 16GB version at $1,499 and a 32GB version at $1,599.

Proprietary time-saving features in both the Cintiq Companion and the Companion Hybrid include Wacom’s customizable on-screen controls, ExpressKeys, Rocker Ring and Radial Menu. For mobile operation, the Cintiq Companion family incorporates WiFi connectivity, Bluetooth (version 4.0 for the Companion and version 3.0 for the Companion Hybrid), front/rear HD cameras (2MP/8MP), a stereo headset jack and a microphone. An adjustable and detachable stand is included with both products, which offers four working angles from flat to upright.

Intuos Pro Medium

Intuos Pro Medium

Intuos Tablets for Everyone

Whether you’re a hobbyist or seasoned professional, Wacom has new Intuos tablets to suit your creative needs. “The current Bamboo tablets will be replaced with Intuos,” Little states. “This will be our desktop tablet line going forward.”

The Intuos Pro has a grip pen that delivers 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity and tilt recognition, enabling photographers to edit and retouch with the precision of traditional brushes and pens. Improved multi-touch gestures help you work and navigate intuitively. “The Intuos Pro offers greater pressure sensitivity and more prominent non-dominant hand features,” adds Little.

Wacom’s customizable ExpressKeys and Touch Ring are designed to make workflow easy and increase productivity. Customizable shortcuts and modifiers from the tablet allow you to be less dependent on the computer keyboard. Express View, the Heads-Up-Display feature, displays current settings on-screen and fades within a few seconds to avoid disrupting the creative process. A wireless accessory kit makes it possible to work independently of the computer. The Intuos Pro comes in four Pen & Touch models: small ($249), medium ($349), large ($499) and a Special Edition, which is equal to the medium in size, but with an industrial design ($379).

Designed with the photography hobbyist in mind, the Intuos pen tablet provides a fun and easy way to edit photos on the computer. According to Little, “It has 1024 levels of pen pressure and a sleek new industrial design.” Its multi-touch feature is quick and easy to use, whether you’re navigating or rotating an image. As with other Wacom pen tablets, the Intuos features ExpressKeys, with application-specific settings for the user’s needs. To personalize the Intuos, colored rings and penholder tags are available, and can be changed as often as you like. There are three Intuos models available: the Intuos Pen, small ($79), Intuos Pen & Touch, small ($99) and Intuos Pen & Touch, medium ($199). A wireless accessory kit ($39) is also available, allowing for portability and remote usage of the tablet.

Intuos Pro Family / Intuos Family

Intuos Pro Family / Intuos Family

Intuos Creative Stylus for the iPad

The Intuos Creative Stylus is a pressure- sensitive digital pen that enables you to paint, edit photos or draw on your iPad. This pen offers a realistic pen-onpaper feel and works with the iPad and a series of creative apps, including Photoshop and Wacom’s own digital notebook app, Bamboo Paper.

The Intuos Creative Stylus’s technology has a pressure sensitivity of 2048 pressure levels and reproduces the artistic control of traditional brushes, making it ideal for drawing, painting and retouching photos. Bluetooth 4.0 Smart technology provides connectivity to the latest iPad devices, including the iPad 3, 4 and Mini. This digital pen comes in a brushed aluminum housing in two color versions, black and blue/black. A thin but powerful AAAA battery ensures days of constant use, and an included carrying case holds the stylus, spare battery and two replacement nibs. The Intuos Creative Stylus is available at $99.

To learn more about Wacom and to order products, visit www.wacom.com.

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