Winners List :: 32nd Annual Spring Photography Contest

////Winners List :: 32nd Annual Spring Photography Contest

Winners List :: 32nd Annual Spring Photography Contest

Below are the results of the 32nd Annual Spring Photography Contest, sponsored by Photographer’s Forum magazine and Nikon. Finalists were notified in July. The Winners and Honorable Mentions listed here were chosen from the Finalist group by our judges. This year our judges were: Ann Cutting, Art Center College of Design; Gene Strickland, Columbus State Community College; and Sherri Taylor, Syracuse University.

*** Finalists, please see the NOTE at the bottom of this page.***

First Place $2,000 :: Joshua W. Zirschky

Second Place $1,000 :: David C. Namaksy

Third Place $500 :: Wei-Seng Chen

Fourth Place $100 :: Mohammed B. Al Abdulmohsin
:: Marcel J. A. van Balken
:: Edward M. Frazier
:: Geraldine Kang
:: Jacques de Vos


Jesse F. Abrams
Anadel Alberti
Jimmy G. Alioto
Allyce E. Andrew
K. M. Asad
Stephanie R. Barker
Daniel Barreto
Simon A. Biswas
Paul Boger
Alex Borghi
Carol A. Bosma
Jessica D. Bouchard
Brigitte Anne Bourger
Ed Bowman
Thomas M. Brain
Pit Buehler
Scott Bycroft
Sue Carson
Jodi S. Champagne
Jodi S. Champagne
James L. Chapman
Colby M. Chester
Ksenia A. Chistykova
Carmen Cordelia
Loulou M. d’Aki
Michael J. Egan
Cecilia Escandon
Martyn Ferry
Andy Fox
Joshua A. Friedman
Randolph B. Fritz
Michael J. Gareri
Asit Kumar Ghatak
Ronald E. Gibson
Martin W. Giovannini
Jerry S. Golab
Philip Goldberg
Pamela Haberman
Howard Hamilton
Zara Jà¤rvinen
Jaime Erin Johnson
Voichi Judele
Elvira Kalviste
Larry Kelly
Lauren J. Kibby
Vo Anh Kiet
Kwangtae Kim
David D. Kimble
Dennis E. Kinworthy
Bill Klipp
Man-kay KoonMiroslawa Kowalczuk
Mustafa Kubilay Kuzu
Andre Larochelle
Dawn LeBlanc
Sam James Levine
Wing C. Lui
Amanda Y. Martin
Christopher James Martin
Jim McFarlane
Volker Meinberg
Mark Mille
Kay N.
Christopher M. Neel
Paul L. Nyerges
Charles O’Donnell
Brad G. Oliphant
Jerre J. Paquette
Ye Sul Park
Neville Petersen
Ronaldo Pichardo
Horst R. Portugaller
Probal Rashid
Ted C. Reidarson
Thomas M Reynolds
Peter Antony Rich
Mohammed Rimon
Edward L. Rubin
Mariela Sancari
Jose Sarmiento
John Scanlan
Hayk Shalunts
Husein A. Shama
Anna Skotnikova
Cameron David Smith
Roberto Soares-Gomes
Roman Solar
Susan Kay Stone
Linda Terranova
Bill Tompkins
Lev Tsimring
Damjan Voglar
Robert Wagoner
Jay L. Wanta
Wolfgang Weinhardt
Lance A. Williams
Matthew Wills
Angela Winsor
Dolly M. Woodell
Denise Erika C. Yu

NOTE TO FINALISTS: All finalists were notified by mail in July. If you received a letter that said you had been selected as a finalist, your name and photograph will be published in the Annual. This is a list of Winners and Honorable Mentions only. Your name will not be on this list if you did not go on to become a Winner or Honorable Mention. All Winners, Honorable Mentions and Finalists will receive a gold-embossed certificate in November.

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