Spring 2012 / Vol. 34 / No. 2

////Spring 2012 / Vol. 34 / No. 2

Spring 2012 / Vol. 34 / No. 2

Cover photo: Magic Johnson vs. Boston Celtics, 1984 © Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE/Getty Images

Book Review
by James Kaufmann
Redwood Saw, by Richard Rothman

by James Kaufmann
A snapshot look at four recent photography books.

New Products

Digital Photography
Sony Expands Alpha DSLR and NEX Offerings
by Cynthia Anderson

He’s Got Game: An Interview with Andrew D. Bernstein
by Glen Serbin
One of the most important sports photographers working today sits down with Photographer’s Forum.

Radiant Darkness: The Images of Edgar Angelone
by Claire Sykes
The possibilities of darkness and light are explored beyond the visual.

Todd Burandt, Kevin Cook, Alex Leme

Les Horvat: An Australian Photographer’s Tale of Vietnam
by Nga Hoang
Horvat encapsulates a multi-faceted Vietnam through a less slanted lens than the media’s.

A listing of classes and workshops in the U.S. and abroad.

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