Lowel has released a series of studio LED fixtures, including the Studio 450, a powerful LED light balanced for tungsten color, fully dimmable, manually or by DMX control. The light is mountable on a stand or hanging C-Clamp. Also available are the Rifa eXtra Flo 80 Kits, which provide a kit for each size Rifa eX, that combines the quick setup tungsten-halogen softlight, a lower wattage TH-X300 AC/DC tungsten head, a 3 lamp FLO-X3 fluorescent head, and 3 80w High CRI Daylight color fluorescent lamps. It is the perfect 1 light interview kit for run & gun production. In addition, TRIO 3 Light Kits are now available. Each 3 light kit holds three triple lamp slim design TRIO fixtures, with a choice of day or tungsten color T-55 fluorescent lamps, Tilt-mount Brackets for each, and 3 Uni Sr. Stands, all housed in a compact rolling case. Visit www.lowel.com.