Photographer’s Forum was founded in 1978 as a magazine for serious students of photography. The annual College Photography Contest began the following year with the goal of giving students the opportunity to have their work juried and published. Over 20 years ago, Nikon USA joined in this effort and has co-sponsored our student competitions ever since.

Andrew Rubenstein, Assistant Manager of Communications for Nikon, Inc., says, “With these annual contests, Photographer’s Forum has established a wonderful opportunity for students. Nikon is proud to continue the longstanding tradition of supporting tomorrow’s photographers with prizes that include the latest equipment that Nikon offers.”

Says Publisher Glen Serbin, “We have enjoyed a solid partnership with Nikon in holding these contests. To commemorate this association, we thought it would be interesting to check in with some of our previous winners to see how entering and placing in the contest helped them decide to pursue careers in photography.”

Here are the bios of three such photographers working as professionals today.

© David Field

DAVID FIELD :: Conceptual Photographer — People and Fashion

David Field, 28, was born in Augusta, Georgia and attended a high school for the arts. While at The Savannah College of Art and Design, he entered the College Photography Contest because “I wanted some validation of my work; I wanted to know where I stood in a competitive environment.” His photo “Descent # 1” took Second Place, which at that time carried a $500 cash award. That photo also was selected as the cover image for the book Best of College Photography 2005.


© Brittany App

BRITTANY APP :: Photojournalist, Travel Photographer

Brittany App, 32, grew up in the sleepy town of Los Osos on California’s Central Coast. She pursued a Fine Arts degree and a General Ed degree from Cuesta College in San Luis Obispo. Her first real exposure to photography was in high school, where she says, “The passion immediately came alive. I spent my lunch breaks in the darkroom, and the camera became a permanent fixture in my life.”


© David Almeida

DAVID ALMEIDA :: Fine Art Photographer

Born and raised in Lisbon, Portugal, David Almeida, 41, studied photography in Miami, Florida. He says, “I’ve always been attracted to all sorts of images, but the desire to create them happened on the day when I bought a professional camera and realized the creative possibilities it offered. From then on, I started intensively learning and practicing the medium.” In the fall of 2002, he entered the Nikon contest on the advice of one of his photography teachers at Barry University, and his photo earned Fourth Place.

More on these photographers can be read in the Fall 2011 issue.

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