Fall 2009 / Vol. 31 / No. 4

////Fall 2009 / Vol. 31 / No. 4

Fall 2009 / Vol. 31 / No. 4

Cover photo: © Robert Farber, Walking the Dog, New York City, 1991

Book Review
by James Kaufmann
Pictures from a Drawer by Bruce Jackson.

by James Kaufmann
Snapshot reviews of four notable books.


Digital Photography
The World of Wacom

by Cynthia Anderson

Martin Munkacsi: A Master, Lost and Found

by Grace Schaub
New appreciation for a past master.

Vernacular Photography: Images of the Everyday

by Claire Sykes
Anonymous found photographs now fill collectors’ cabinets and curators’ walls.

Mario Correa, Alex Crawford, Laura Marie Jones, David Macedo, Jeffrey Wiles

A Conversation with Robert Farber: Photographs Like What People Imagine

by Ken Lassiter
Commercial and fine art photographer, Farber discusses his life and art.


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